Vision & Mission


Promote a skills development opportunity that supports skilled and unskilled folks with the technology, equipment and resources to be creative, innovative and financially self-supporting, thereby having a positive impact on the environment by supporting recycling.


  1. Develop and manufacture the “Business-in-a-Box” Bottle Cutting kit and BC concept, making it easily available and affordable to people from all walks of life.

  2. Manufacture and distribute a range of suitable, low-tech, high quality range of utility tools, machinery, equipment and accessories for use by communities, budding entrepreneurs and crafters alike.

  3. Provide the ongoing support, inspiration, skills training and marketing opportunities for Bottle Crafters and budding HBBO entrepreneurs.

  4. To promote the manufacturing of Socially Responsible Gift items that inspires Corporate Social Invest opportunities to environmentally friendly individual and Corporates.

  5. To build an International “family” of passionate, innovative and productive Bottle Crafters.

  6. Create and promote the Bottle Craft Brand awareness throughout the world.

  7. To develop and promote a craft skill that is not only innovative but also a great deal of fun.