About Bottle Craft

Where it started:
Bottle Craft (SA) was started off in late 2004 as a garage-based hobby industry, manufacturing and distributing Bottle Cutting Kits & Accessories, primarily to the hobby and craft industry in SA. After attending a “Small Business Expo” in Durban early in 2005, Jo realized the huge potential of the Bottle Cutting Kit as an income-sustaining self-employment opportunity for potential HBBO’s [Home-Based-Business-Operators].  The Bottle Craft concept then experienced a change in direction and a “make-over’; the traditional “craft kit” was re-branded to the “Business-in-a-Box Bottle Cutting Kit. Given the alarming rate of unemployment in South Africa, Self Employment is not longer just a ‘Good Idea’…it is the ONLY way to really impact significantly on poverty alleviation, job creation and community upliftment in general in South Africa.

Bottle Craft currently operates from the Grabouw, located within the Overberg Region in the Western Cape approximately 60 km’s from Cape Town. Over the past four years we have provided kits, training and equipment to over 5000 crafters and entrepreneurs from all over the world. We have helped develop projects in Rawsonville, Khayalitsha, Gugulethu, Port Elizabeth, Durban , Botswana, QwaQwa (Drakensburg), Namibia and Grabouw. A large number of Bottle Crafters have already been ‘enabled’ to generate a sustainable source of income and by already selling their goods at local craft stalls, traffic intersections and flea markets.

Bottle Craft is so much more than just another craft business. It offers a fantastic opportunity for people to be useful to themselves, their communities, and their families and yes…even their country!  The simple concept of creating artistic artifacts from discarded bottles results in a multitude of positive benefits to the individual as well as the community! Bottles no longer become a litter issue but become part of the solution. The crafter & hobbyist can transform an ordinary bottle into an amazing work of art.

The unemployed can generate income from collection, recycling and also re-creation! Schools, small community groups and welfare organizations can utilize this profitable business idea to inspire entrepreneurial development and significant fund raising!  Although the concept of cutting bottles is by no means new or unique, Bottle Craft (SA) has pioneered the technology and developed the methodology of achieving a far higher success rate with far less effort.  Discover how a simple bottle cutting kit can change lives around you!