Value Proposition

The Bottle Crafting concept is in all respects a multi-faceted concept that has the potential to add value on a number of different levels of the community, all of whom address a burning need not only to the communities of South Africa, but also abroad.

  1. For the Creative Crafter or Hobbyist, Bottle Craft offers the opportunity to turn last night’s empty throwaway wine bottle into today’s funky work of art for the home and/or office. With the economy of today, expensive gifts are becoming an unaffordable luxury. More and more people have a far greater appreciation for a useful, handmade item.

  2. For the HBBO [Home-Based-Business-Owner], Bottle Craft offers the opportunity for them to start up a business from within the comfort of their own home. Armed with one of these kits, very basic infrastructure and a modest working space, anybody, even from a marginalized background can start up their own business from within the comforts of their home. Bottle Crafting is one of the few business opportunities with FREE and UNLIMITED access to the bulk of your raw material, freely available right in your neighborhood.

  3. For Community Projects or NGO’s, Bottle Craft offers the perfect opportunity for a group of members to work collectively together to generate a sustainable income, turning Trash-into-Cash or Waste-into-Wealth.

  4. Socially Responsible Corporate Gifting: Eco-conscious companies wishing to develop their CSI awareness and green-commitment could surprise their customers with innovative, high-class gifts handmade by emerging communities throughout SA.