Bottle Craft Partners

  • No successful business can operate or function effectively in isolation or on its own. BC (SA) therefore welcomes the opportunity to ‘partner’ with like-minded organisations, Municipal LED officials, NGO’s, NPO’s, funding partners, donors, government departments & parastatals, Eco-minded and/or ‘Go-Green’ supporters and economic upliftment agencies.
  • Bottle Craft also offers an innovative opportunity for schools to generate extra income or stimulate en ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ amongst the business-minded students. Eco-Schools can also benefit from implementing a Bottle Craft project as part of their program.
  • We would also like to ‘partner’ with large and small retail outlets who would like to support our community upliftment initiative by stocking our range of unique, hand-made, glass-recycled products.
  • We are also developing a funky range of designer items, including a range of eco-chandeliers, for the innovative designer and/or homeowner.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to ‘partner’ with us in any way.