Business opportunities

There are basically two ways that you could start off your Bottle Craft business:

  • A. You could purchase a Basic ‘Business-in-a-Box’ Bottle Cutting Kit plus some extra accessories and start off sanding and polishing by hand. You could also possibly devise some innovative, ‘MacGyver’ or ‘Heath-Robins’ equipment, using existing power tools with sanding/polishing attachments to help you sand/polish more effectively. This would most certainly be the least expensive route to start off with; starting off with a minimal investment starting from R440 plus postage, depending on the amount of extra accessories you might add. (See kit order form for details)
  • B. Or you could purchase one of our “Licensed” Bottle Craft Workshops. These workshops will primarily be made available to emerging entrepreneurs, NGO’s or community-based projects as part of a skills development and upliftment/enablement initiative. These BC workshops will operate on a ‘franchise-like’ basis and will be mentored and supported on a continuous basis by the Bottle Craft Support team. These ‘licensees’ will also be invited to participate in the production of larger orders received by Bottle Craft (SA), especially with the manufacturing of Socially Responsible Corporate gifting items. BC (SA) is in the process of building and International network of distributors who would wholesale and retail handmade Bottle Craft items. Depending on your location and existing infrastructure, the investment for this option would begin at approximately R55, 000 - R65, 000.

This option includes:

  • All the basic machinery, tools, equipment and accessories
  • Initial start-up plus ongoing training
  • Assistance with product development
  • Assistance with basic business plan for future funding
  • Assistance with branding, marketing materials and stationary
  • Assistance with the development of a basic marketing plan and sales strategy
  • Own website plus links on the main BC website
  • Inclusion in larger export and local orders procured by BC (SA)
  • On-going mentorship for